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Sensorwake capsules Pack

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9 scented capsules (incl. 1 FREE CAPSULE)

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The Sensorwake capsules pack

With the 9 capsules included in the pack, from Apple-Cinnamon in Autumn to Cut Grass in Spring, customize your awakenings as the seasons go by.
The capsules will transport you every morning in a new fragranced atmosphere for even more positive and motivating days.


Try them all…

Tea tree: fresh, cool and purifying, the herbaceous notes of this Australian tree will energize you every morning!

Cut grass: this great, green essence of nature will present to you fresh cut grass and spring park caught in a shower.

Souvenir de France: A  spring floral and tonic scent with heart notes of Rose and Cherry blossom.


Orange juice: start the day full of vitamins! The blend of freshness and sourness of oranges ripened under the Brazilian sun.

Summer melon: taste the summer with this juicy, sweet, soft and sunny fruit.

Pacific Island: a soft breeze of holidays to wake up gently. The smell of the tropical flowers will transport you to a lush paradise under the sun.


 Croissant: breakfast in bed. A scent that evokes the Weekend with a warm croissant and gourmet notes of butter.



 Apple-Cinnamon: sweet and spicy… a crumble or and an apple pie… A perfect marriage between fruit and spices…


Biscuit: afternoon tea time full of the rich smell of butter. The crunchiest snack for both kids and adults…



Good to know about our scented capsules:

  • 1 Capsule = 30 awakenings 
  • Suitable for the Sensorwake 1 and 2 alarm-clocks
  • Created in France by Givaudan, the worldwide leader in the fragrance and aroma industry.
  • No liquid, capsules are impregnated with perfume
  • Diffusion via a gradual ventilation and without heat emission
  • Respects the highest air quality standards

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