Sensorwake 2 – Discovery pack

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The Sensorwake 2 + 6 scented capsules (3 CAPSULES OFFERED).

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Sensorwake 2, olfactory alarm clock

Sensorwake 2, olfactory alarm clock



The new discovery pack

Ideal to discover the Sensorwake 2, the first well-being alarm clock … This discovery pack will transport you to different morning moods, thanks to a delicious range of fragrances!

Guess which fragrance will suit you  the most!

Wake up in a good mood with the Sensorwake 2. It stimulates your senses with a pleasant scent, a dynamic light and a sweet melody!

The Sensorwake 2 comes with a set of 6 scented capsules including 2 FREE capsules!
This offer was designed to provide you 180 awakenings (6 months of gentle daily awakening).

A new experience every morning!


Our best sellers

Souvenir de France: A  spring floral and tonic scent with heart notes of Rose and Cherry blossom.

Peppermint : The fresh scent of a mint leaf : the liveliness of menthol with peppery hints to awake your senses.

Biscuit : A tasty hint of chocolate chip cookies, accompanied by hazelnut with a touch of caramel and vanilla.


For a fruity mood

Summer melon : Sweet and sunny: bring summer with notes of citrus,melon, green apple and lemon.

Orange juice : The citrus acidity mixed with a sweet hint of fruit pulp, for an energizing awakening!

Apple-Cinnamon : A sweet fragrance evoking apple crunchiness with spicy notes of cinnamon, clove and ginger.



100% French perfumes created by Givaudan world leader in perfumery.



Functions and features of the alarm clock Sensorwake 2

  • 1 Capsule = 30 awakenings
  • Capsules match with both Sensorwake and Sensorwake 2
  • Snooze mode
  • 12-hour / 24-hour time display
  • Diffusion without liquid and without heat emission
  • Respects the highest air quality standards
  • Backlight ON/OFF
  • 5 sweet melodies
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Power supply: AC adaptor

Additional information

Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

Sensorwake 2, olfactory alarm clock


2 years


European outlet – 220-240V, UK outlet – 230V, US outlet – 110V