Christmas Pack 2018

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The Sensorwake 2 + 4 capsules: Peppermint, Apple-Cinnamon, Biscuit, Orange juice (3 CAPSULES OFFERED).

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The Sensorwake Christmas Pack 2018

A 3-step wake-up with a stimulating scent, a dynamic light, and a soft melody!
With the Sensorwake Christmas Pack 2018 wake-up in a good mood in less than 3 minutes with sweet scents full of vitamins.

Holiday season scents :

Peppermint : this fresh scent owes its liveliness to the menthol and peppery hints that will awake your senses.

Apple-Cinnamon : Sweet, you can feel the crunchy apple and spicies notes of cinamon, cloves and ginger. A Christmas time scent.

Orange juice: start the day full of vitamins! The blend of freshness and sourness of oranges ripened under the Brazilian sun.

Biscuit : A tasty note of cookies with chocolate chips, hazelnut, caramel, and vanilla. the sweet memory of winter fireside family time.


Designed in France by Givaudan, world leader in perfumery..

Functions and features of the Sensorwake 2 alarm-clock:

  •  1 Capsule = 30 awakenings
  • Snooze mode
  • 12-hour / 24-hour time display
  • Diffusion without liquid and without heat emission
  • Respects the highest air quality standards
  • Backlight ON/OFF
  • 5 sweet melodies
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Power supply: AC adaptor

Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm


2 years


European outlet – 220-240V, UK outlet – 230V, US outlet – 110V