Well-being by scents

Our story begins in Guillaume Rolland’s garage in 2014. The first Sensorwake prototype sees the day; 3D printed, using essential oils capsules that were distilled in his high school lab.

Developed to radically change the wake up experience thanks to fragrances, this product is the beginning of our adventure.

Since then, the startup has continued growing in France and now internationally, with a clear vision: “Improving the well-being of consumers daily“.

Every day, our team strives to make this vision a reality. Step by step, we create a range of products with revolutionary innovations in well-being. First in the awakening domain and now for sleeping. Bescent has also won more than 18 international awards, including two CES Innovation Awards, thanks to its products.

“Since the first prototype made in my garage and my selection at the Google Science Fair, it is a dream that has become reality. Thanks to a young and dynamic team and excellent partners we create day after day well-being solutions for tomorrow.”

     Funder and CEO, Guillaume Rolland

“The Sensorwake range is a commercial success in France with more than 200 sales points offering the Sensorwake 2 and it’s capsules. Our two Kickstarter campaigns adding up to more than 400 000$ have played a fantastic role in ramping up the launch for the rest of Europe and Asia Pacific.”

         COO, Alexandre Thenevin

Yannick Martin

Chief Financial Officer

Yoko Garrido

Senior logistics and administrative manager


Misha Nesaratnam

Product & R&D Manager

Adeline Constant

Marketing Director

Maxime Thepault

Art Director

Marie Tétaud

Logistics and Customer relations.

Maxime Nizery

Product and R&D assistant

Cindy Le Mignant

Marketing and Communication assistant


Including 2 CES

A story

told by the


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on TV

Google supports Sensorwake

since the first garage prototype

until its commercialization