Assistance for the alarm-clock capsules

What is the lifetime of the capsules ?
Each capsule has a lifetime of 30 awakenings (30 uses). If you use it every day, each capsule will last one month.
How does the perfume diffusion work ?
During diffusion, the ventilation gradually releases the perfume molecules contained in the polymer inside the capsules. The polymer is homogeneously impregnated with perfume via absorption, like a sponge.
Are scents able to wake me up ?
Yes! In the morning, when you are in a stage of light or REM sleep, your brain is more sensitive to external stimuli such as odors. While it is unlikely that smell would wake someone up from stages of deep sleep, these stages are not common in the second half of your night. Thus, you will naturally be more sensitive to a scent when you are supposed to wake up.
My perfume capsules smell sometimes outside the period of use
During the first few days of use you may get the impression that the capsules smell all the time. Some perfumes have higher concentration of volatile molecules than others. As a result of the extreme volatility of certain molecules, during the first days of use these molecules can escape from a slightest movement of air: ventilation, draught.
Are the scents natural or synthetic ?
Each perfume is manufactured from a mixture of different compounds to obtain the best final result. Thus, the perfumes contain both natural ingredients and synthetic ingredients similar to those used in fine fragrances. Only the perfume ‘Edge of the woods’ is composed of 100% naturally occurring elements.
Are the perfumes toxic ?
They are not. The scents are extracted via dry and cold diffusion from capsules. This means that no heat is produced, and that there are no alterations of the diffused molecules. Furthermore, our perfumes respect the highest standards of air quality all over the world (REACH certified, CARB certified, IFRA certified). These norms control the concentration of every component in order to not exceed their cautionary threshold. Our perfumes are diffused only for a few minutes by the alarm clock, and at reduced concentration..
Can we use a different capsule every morning ?
Of course, you can change the capsules at your own convenience! Just put the used capsule back in its bag in order to preserve its potency for later uses.
How long will it take to wake me up ?
It mainly depends on you. Sensitive people wake up in less than a minute. Less sensitive people wake up in less than 3 minutes or in just a bit more with the backup melody. On average, it takes around 2 minutes to wake up with the Sensorwake olfactory alarm clock.
My perfume capsules do not smell, what can I do ?
Did you place your alarm-clock near your bed, facing you, and at a head level? The scent diffusion starts lightly, the smell perception will get stronger and stronger . It takes about 30 seconds to smell the perfume and longer for a wider dispersion in the air. It’s not as fast as sound or light.

Note : The length of the scent flow can reach up to 1.5m within 3 minutes.

Assistance for the olfactory alarm clock Sensorwake 1

How are our alarm clocks powered ?
Our alarm clocks are powered by AC adapters: for European, English or American plugs. The kind of plug is assigned according to the delivery address of the order. The voltage range of all our adapters is from 110 to 240 Volts.
Is there a snooze button ?
There is no snooze on the first version of the olfactory alarm-clock. Nonetheless, we added this feature to the Sensorwake 2, the second version of the alarm-clock.
I sleep in complete darkness, can I switch the light off ?
Yes, the backlight can be switched off and let you rest sheltered from any kind of brightness. To turn it off, press the icon .
What makes the olfactory alarm clock Sensorwake better than other alarm clocks ?
Sensorwake, the olfactory alarm clock, wakes you up in a smooth and pleasant way. The sense of smell allows a quiet transition between sleep and wakefulness (more than a noise, a light, or a vibration). In addition, Sensorwake offers you a choice of awakening experience by suggesting multiple scents. We have chosen and tested them so that they will be pleasant for the great majority. Sensorwake distinguishes itself from its competitors by combining comfort and pleasure each morning.

Technical issues

My product is defective, how do I proceed ?
If your product has technical problems, we suggest you send a video with a detailed message to This will help us directly understand the problem of your product. Once we have received the video of your Sensorwake product, we will send it to our technical team to analyze the problem, upon the analysis results we will let you know the procedure to follow.
The sound of the fan wakes me up
During the light sleep phase, you become more sensitive to odors and sounds. As perfumed molecules are detected at around 30 seconds after the trigger of the fan – the time needed for the molecules to travel through the air to the sleeper – some people very sensitive to noise can be aware of the fan’s sound first. The Sensorwake 2, the device second generation has been improved to be fully silent.

Assistance for olfactory alarm clock Sensorwake 2

How are our alarm clocks powered ?
Our alarm clocks are powered by AC adapters: for European, English or American plugs. The plug is automatically assigned at the order. The voltage range of all our adapters is from 110 to 240 Volts.
What is a cycle of alarm ?
At the beginning, the alarm clock will try to get you out of bed with a perfume. Your favorite perfume will diffuse for one minute. After the first minute of diffusion, gradually, the alarm clock will light up repeatedly for two minutes in order to stimulate your awakening with a warning light. After three minutes, those who are still in bed will be woken up by the backup melody.
Is there a snooze button ?
Yes, this new version of the alarm clock has a snooze function. Snooze is triggered manually with a short touch of a button (the button that will surely please you, as we know that it is hard to wake-up in the morning) during the first cycle of the alarm. Without any interaction from you during this time, the snooze will automatically be activated. 10 minutes after the first alarm, the alarm clock will start a second cycle (this time without any diffusion) to get you out of bed. This will repeat until the 5th cycle, after which it will be too late!
What is the button battery for ?
The small button battery allows you to save your settings in case of momentary power outage.

Assistance for Oria

Oria and sleep

How perfumes may improve my sleep ?
Scientific researches show that odors can have an effect on cognitive and emotional functions. Researches led by Givaudan on mood and emotions led them to create perfumes with relaxing properties. These surveys have shown that perfumes can improve sleep quality. In addition, the soothing effect of perfumes reduces the secretion of stress hormones, further improving sleep quality. However, the precise mechanisms of the impact of perfumes on sleep remain unclear.
When will the beta test start ?
The beta test for Oria will take place in 2018. We will select beta testers very soon.
How to be a beta-tester ?
To be part of the beat-test, please go to the Oria webpage and subscribe to our mailing list. You’ll soon receive a message with the selection steps details and maybe join our beta-test program.
When will the product be available ?
The product will available in 2018.


Delivery time ?
We need between 1 and 3 working days for your package to be ready. Once given to our transport partner, it usually takes between 2 and 3 working days for this parcel to be delivered.

For overseas : We need between 1 and 3 working days to prepare your package. Once passed to our transport partner, it usually takes between 2 and 5 working days to be delivered.

Where do we deliver ?
We deliver to France with the exception of Corsica and DOM-TOM.
We deliver Europe :
Zone 1-2: United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Malta
Zone 3: Greece, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
Zone 4: Switzerland, Norway

And around the world :
Zone 5: United States, Canada
Zone 6: Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China
Zone 7: Australia, Israel, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates

N.B. : We are not able to deliver to military bases.

Is there a customs clearance fee ?
Yes, when you order from a country outside of the European Union, the delivery of your product may be subject to customs clearance fee.
From where are the alarm clocks and capsules sent ?
The alarm clock and capsules are sent from France.
Delivery charges
To check your delivery zone please read the above “Where do we deliver?” section.
We offer the delivery in France in pick-up locations for orders above 75 € including taxes.

Sensorwake policy

Product returns
Contact us at while justifying the reasons why you want to return your product. We suggest you to send us videos, which will allow us to better handle your request.
What is our refund policy ?
We refund products that are defective and that have been purchased from our website: and that have been justified by a video or photo.
Warranty period of our products ?
The Sensorwake olfactory alarm clock has a 2-year warranty after receiving the product.


Where can I buy a Sensorwake in retail stores ?
You can order online via our website or Amazon and  in France in retail stores such as : Darty, Boulanger…
Payment method
Our site accepts the following cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express.
Contact us

You can contact us by telephone on +33(0)9 73 13 38 52 from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. By e-mail at